The Finance Department is responsible for all aspects of the City’s accounting process (accounts payable, accounts receivable, cash disbursements, general ledger, financial reporting and independent audit), business licensing, utility billing and payment processing, payroll administration, data processing, investment management, preparation of the City Budget, Blythe Redevelopment Agency Budget and Palo Verde Transit Agency Short Range Transit Plan

Departmental Functions:  
  • Accounting:   The Department maintains all accounting records for the General Fund, Enterprise Funds, Special Revenue Funds, Capital Improvement Funds, Trust and Agency Funds.
  • City Budget:   The Finance Director assists the City Manager in the preparation of the proposed City Operating and Capital Budget, Blythe Redevelopment Agency Budget and Palo Verde Valley Transit Agency Short Range Transit Plan.  Specific duties include the preparation of revenue forecasts and the analysis of departmental expenditure requests.
  • Payroll:   The Department coordinates bi-weekly payroll processing for the City’s full time and part-time employees and monthly payroll for elected officials and on-call firefighters.
  • Investment Management:   The City Treasurer with the assistance of the Finance Director is responsible for the investing of the City’s and Redevelopment Agency’s idle cash.  These monies are generally invested in the State Local Agency Investment Fund.
  • Data Processing:   The Finance Director procures and maintains computer hardware and software for the City, assists in the development of computer applications for the various departments.
  • Utility Billing:   The Department is responsible for billing and processing payments received for water, sewer, wastewater treatment, sanitation, landfill, and recycling charges.  Pay your bill now.