Waste Water Rates

Effective March 1, 2023 

Monthly Service ChargeRate
Residential (per Unit)34.46
Bar (each)149.50
Department/Retail Store (each)84.88
Hospital/Convalescent (per Bed)24.54
Hotel/Motel (per Room)6.96
Professional Office (each)101.30
Service Station/Repair Shop (each)81.60
Restaurant - Capacity (each)3.87
Ice Plant39.99
Soft Water Service496.78
Recreation Facility101.30
Limited Use Public Gatherings (Ballrooms/Weekly Use)34.46
Bakery - Per 1,000 gallons of Water Usage4.64
Laundromat - Per 1,000 gallons of Water Usage2.18
Commercial Laundry - Per 1,000 gallons of Water Usage2.77
Car Wash - Per 1,000 gallons of Water Usage
School - Per Average Daily Attendance (ADA)1.95
Fraternal Organization (with Bar, Meeting Hall & Kitchen)149.50
R.V. Park (per space)13.04
Fairgrounds - per 1,000 gallons of Water Usage3.67
Per Resolution No. 2023-002